Meet Our People

Sebastien Bax de Keating

Founder & Director – Horizon Holidays
Founder & Managing Director – Horizon Properties

Founded Horizon because: I love people… I love challenges… I wanted to create something special that would bring me closer to people, and at the same time challenge and test me as an individual.

Best Part of your Job: Waking up in the morning to go to work! Going to bed knowing there is another day of action and adventure ahead!

Your Hobbies / Passion: My family is a passion, alongside adventure sports.

You love Mauritius Because: It’s such a melting pot of people, opportunity, beauty and the possibility for a great work / life balance. What an amazing place to bring up a family…

Gregory Mayer

Managing Director – Horizon Holidays

Joined Horizon because: I love the company, its mission and the people who work there. I always feel that the best job in the world is not about what you do, but rather the environment and people around you. Horizon has some wonderful people!

Best Part of your Job: Reports and Spreadsheets.. I love spreadsheets!

Your Hobbies / Passion: All sports, especially cycling and football. Starting to catch up on golf and windsurf too!

You love Mauritius Because: Except for the beautiful beaches, wonderful weather, friendly & warm people, cultural diversity, simple way of life,… I am not sure.

Brinda Perianen

Reservation Manager

Joined Horizon because: I joined Horizon Holidays as I wanted to discover another facet of the Tourism industry, the self-catering, as I worked for years in the Hotel industry. I love the family spirit.

Best Part of your Job: My first concern is that clients are happy whenever they leave our complexes and would like to come back. So the best part of my job is when the work is well done and client comes back again and again for the holidays.

Your Hobbies / Passion: My family is my passion; I do have some time for dancing and yoga.

You love Mauritius Because: Its multi-cultural aspect, its peacefulness, warmth of people and their lovely smile.

Néhémie Gentil

Reservation Agent

Joined Horizon because: I am in Mauritius for a while now and I needed a new ‘serious’ job, new experiences and I think I’ve applied at the perfect time.
I am not sure if there’s a better place to work, I love Horizon holidays, I love its people and we are a real family.

Best Part of your Job: There are quite a few:
1. The ”feel like a guest” experiences which allows me to discover Mauritius and be aware of what I sell to my clients.
2. Being the contact person for guests, fulfilling their expectations and knowing they will come back again.
3. Convert bookings and have positive feedbacks.
4. Tea time with the Resa team and the sunset view from the office!

Your Hobbies / Passion: Music/guitar; jamming with people who feel my vibes, bowling, badminton, decor and cooking pancakes 🙂

You love Mauritius Because: Every time I go back to Rodrigues it makes me realize how special Mauritius is.
It is a truly multicultural island with temples, churches, mosques and miles and miles of sugarcane fields!
I love the colorful festivals, the cuisine, the beaches, the underwater life, dholl puris, local rhum, the famous Phoenix beer and the large selection of pickled fruits.

Isabelle Pierre

Reservation Agent

Joined Horizon because: The 1st time was because I was always fascinated by the tourism industry and my job interview was a very nice one. I had a nice ‘’friendly conversation’’ rather than a job interview with my boss and immediately realised how different Horizon was. The 2nd time because once you’re a family member of Horizon you cannot live without them!

Best part of my job: My ‘’family’’ members accept me as I am – the foolish girl who always entertain the gallery and also the fact of discovering Mauritius and it’s attractions through different angles.

My hobbies/passion: Day trips across the island with my daughter, reading and watching tv.

I love Mauritius because: Mark Twain said: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius”. My country is truly a piece of paradise and “Mo fier mo ene Mauricienne” (I’m proud to be a Mauritian in creole).

Kate Hermelin

Reservation Agent

Joined Horizon because: After 4 years in a Tour Operator, I wanted to discover a new sector within the tourism industry. I saw this opportunity at Horizon Holidays as a new challenge!
I also really appreciate the team and family spirit of this organization.

Best Part of your Job: The direct contact with the client and fulfilling their expectations. There is also the lunch time with the colleagues, when we all laugh together! 🙂
Another best part of the job is the “Feel Like a Guest” experience where I discover the different attractions that are available on our beautiful Island.

Your Hobbies / Passion: I really love dancing and partying, discover the fauna and flora of the ocean by doing some snorkeling, reading my favorites authors’ books and watching my favorite movies and series.

You love Mauritius Because: A little Paradise in the Indian Ocean! Beautiful beaches, Natural Reserve, the mix of cultures and the great food. But mostly the hospitality and kindness of Mauritians. I am proud to be a “Zilwa” (an island girl)!

Jonathan Gontran

Reservation Agent

Joined Horizon Because: I have joined Horizon because I wanted to discover more in the tourism industry and wanted to challenge myself. Since my first interview I really felt that I was part of a family.

Best Part of your Job: The best part in my job is providing customer satisfaction and having good feedbacks from clients. There is also the ‘’feel like a guests’’ experience which allow me to discover Mauritius even more so that I can show how beautiful my Island is.

Your Hobbies / Passion: Going out with my friends. Doing long drives and discovering rare and unique places.

You love Mauritius Because: Mauritius is truly a real paradise. With its multiple cultures, beautiful beaches and different lifestyles the Island offers a wide range where everyone can find their happiness.

Anne Sophie Domingue

Operations Executive

Joined Horizon because: When I first read the job description, I definitely thought that it was the perfect job for me. I really felt happy to find a great job but also a new family having exceptional spirits and values. Great values for guests but also for the staff. This is more than a job for me and I shall say that I am happy to get up everyday to go to work!

Best Part of my Job: Meeting new people, managing, being busy as I like the action.

Your Hobbies / Passion: Dance, music, traveling and since a few months looking after my baby definitely became one of my passion 🙂

You love Mauritius because: First of all, Mauritius would not be Mauritius without Mauritians and they are just great: they are smiling all the time, helpful, caring, just great… That’s why I felt in love with my Mauritian husband 🙂 I remember, the 1st time I came to Mauritius, it was written at the airport: “Welcome to Paradise” and it is so true. The mix of the amazing beaches here, wonderful sites, culture, history and the population makes it a paradise!

Florenda Magon

Complex Manager

Joined Horizon because: I wanted to put all that the knowledge I have acquired during the 12 years at the Hotel industry. i.e. doing Concierge, Receptionist, Guest Relations, Customer Care, Communication, Events, Housekeeping and Food and beverages. I wanted Horizon to be closer to the guests and better serve them. By creating unforgettable moments and unique service according to guests preferences.

Best Part of your Job: Customer care and communication. Welcoming guests. Meeting people and promoting my country while doing the concierge services.

Your Hobbies / Passion: Cooking, dancing and singing Sega.

You love Mauritius Because: My native country and I like the Multi-cultural society and diversity of culture and foods

Vikesh Dookie

Complex Manager

Joined Horizon because: I always wanted to work in the self catering sector. Working here helps me cover all the operations areas, like housekeeping, guest relationship, maintenance and allows me to be more independent in my job. Horizon has great people working for the same vision.

Best Part of your Job: Realizing I have been able to contribute, through my suggestions, to making a guest’s holidays truly unforgettable.

Your Hobbies / Passion:
Hobby: Football, snorkeling and fishing
Passion: Horse races

You love Mauritius Because: Tropical temperature, sea and beach, mixture of culture, religion and cuisine. Mauritians are always helpful.


Ashley Morvan

Complex Manager

Joined Horizon because: I am truly passionate about the hospitality industry and tailor-made services – And what better way to do what I love than joining a young, dynamic and ambitious team (No,…FAMILY!!!), full of ideas, who are redefining and giving a whole new dimension to self-catering holidays everyday. 

Best Part of your Job: Coming back from work having witnessed the satisfaction and happiness of guests and partners, after putting everything out there to provide them with the highest possible service and meet their expectations.

Your Hobbies / Passion: Hanging out with my lovely wife, family and friends…at the beach, in a picnic bus, or at home picking at some “Gajaks” (with CHILLI…Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense), sipping a few drinks.

You love Mauritius Because: Grass has never been greener than here in Moris. I love my country, I love my people, I love how we are so diversed in every sense…and I will not be able to have a ‘dal pour’ or a ‘rougay pwason sale’ anywhere else.

Hugo Tuyau

Complex Manager

Joined Horizon Because: Every person needs a platform to start his career. I think HORIZON is a great platform for me to work and grow in environment where performance I rewarded with new responsibility and challenges. Prove myself be an asset to the organization and team by making maximum use of resource available.

Best Part of your Job: The best part of my job is… well… just about everything. My teammates and I have a blast almost every single day, and on days that we don’t, we still have a darn good time. Sure, we get a lot of challenges -work load, deadlines and the pressure to be perfect – but I see them as opportunities to see how far we can push ourselves, excel at what we do, and be stronger as a team.

Your Hobbies / Passion: Well, I thought I would start a thread like this and maybe if a few people have similar hobbies/passions! 🙂 Anyways, I have a couple hobbies which are playing video games, music & deejaying, My two passions are tuning and audio, specifically, RC cars. I actually got a new one 😀

You love Mauritius Because: I love my homeland and am everyday amazed by its rich culture and wonderful flora.

Derrick Monthy


Joined Horizon because: I needed a job :)… The job was perfectly pitched to me.

Best Part of your Job: Making people experience the best of Mauritius.

Your Hobbies / Passion: Customer satisfaction is my passion, and my hobby is now more than ever trying to get sleep 🙂.

You love Mauritius Because: The fusion of cultures, the way it collides on a daily basis but still co-exists in perfect harmony.

Claudie d’Arifat

Client Service Executive

Joined Horizon because: It was a new challenge.

Best Part of your Job: Meeting clients and fulfilling their expectations.

Your Hobbies / Passion: Theatre, volleyball, tennis volley and reading.

You love Mauritius because: It’s my home, a place where I love to be.

Monica Pudaruth

Office Manager & Personal Assistant

Joined Horizon because: I like the Founder, Directors and Shareholders – they are all great people equipped with the unique Champion culture!  I worked for them in the past and it is a pleasure repeating the experience– being myself ambitious and determined, I feel happy and satisfied working with people having the same mindset!

Best Part of your Job: Is getting things done and Achieving the targeted results! I also enjoy working on new projects.

Your Hobbies / Passion: My hobby, if I have enough spare time is sweating on my spinning bike or climbing the hill next to my house with some great music on else I play with my dog/read/listen to music. Concerning my passion, I love spending time in nature, hiking, interacting with animals, partying and laughing out loud!

You love Mauritius Because: “God first made Mauritius and from it, he created Paradise!” Mark Twain, 1896. Mark Twain says it all! Mauritius is beautiful and safe. I love the various cultures and the facility with which one can discover/interact with people belonging to other cultures.

Suraj Mungur

Senior Accountant

Joined Horizon because: After spending nearly twelve years in the Textile Sector, just wanted for a change with new challenges & experience.

Best Part of your Job: Meeting deadlines, provide accurate report on a timely basis. Being helpful for everyone.

Your Hobbies / Passion: Watching movies, reading and spending time with friends and family.

You love Mauritius Because: Because of its beaches, different cultures, nice people and of course different varieties of food.



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