Why book a holiday rental v/s a hotel stay:

Freedom: The flexibility to choose a holiday that fits your own pace and style without depending on hotel schedules, meal times, dress codes etc.

Cost savings: when traveling with your family or larger groups.

Space: Simply relax, spread out and enjoy our designed, spaces and panoramic sea views. There’s nothing better than sharing a a living space on the beach when

Privacy: Todays luxury is privacy. Get away from the crowds and resource yourself

Independant: do your own thing, go your own way… Discover the island the way yo want to without all the fuss.

What is available for kids and teenagers ?

Teens and kids can have a great time discovering the island without being “cocooned” in a kid’s club. Indeed, booking a private property encourages kids and parents to be original and to look outside the “traditional” activities proposed by hotels. Via our concierge, we can organize child friendly itineraries both around the property, and possibly further which include trips to islands, fishing, nature park visits, boat outings, water sports, sailing and more… Basically anything can be organized for kids should we be given a day or two’s notice.

Access to water sports? Renting a car or bike?

Yes, Water sports can be organized via our concierge sometimes right in front of the property or alternatively at a short distance from your apartment or villa. We have good rates on water-ski, tubing as well as sailing, and or sailing lessons. Renting a bike or car is straightforward too. Simply let us know either at reservations, or on arrival at the property and delivery can be made for an additional cost within 12-24 hours via our rental partners.

Can we organize a airport pickup?

Simply let us know you need a transfer at reservations and we can book you a car, a minivan or a luxury vehicle according to your needs. We often advise a transfer as roads in Mauritius are not always well indicated and it could be easy to get a little lost on the way… 😉 In any case, your reservation documents will have all the necessary contact numbers, and you can call our resorts manager to assist you along the way.

How long in advance should I book?

Our most popular properties tend to ge t booked several months in advance, especially over holiday and festive periods. As a rule of thumb, if you want to ensure availability, book the property as soon as you can. We normally hold reservations for up to 72 hours once To book your holidays in a specific property, contact our reservations team on +230 403 5308 or email:

How do I confirm a booking?

A reservation is not considered confirmed until your deposit is received. A 50% deposit is required to secure your holiday reservation.
When making a last minute reservation (within 30 days prior to arrival) 100% payment is due within 5 days of making the reservation.

To confirm a booking you can proceed by:

  • Wire Bank Transfer (guests are responsible for applicable bank charges).
  • Credit card : Visa and MasterCard (4% transaction fees apply).
What is included in the rate:
  • Apartment consumables replenished weekly (soaps, kitchen consumables etc).
  • Wireless broadband Internet (although availability and speed is not guaranteed).
  • French and English Satellite TV . Housekeeping service 6 times weekly (except Sundays and Public holidays)*.
  • Laundry Service 3 times weekly**.
  • 24/7 Assistance of our great Resort Managers on site.
  • Friendly, local advice on activities and “to do’s” via our concierge service as well as organization of in house chefs, baby-sitters and in house massages.
  • Free pre-stocking of groceries on arrival (groceries charged at cost price).
Are you equipped to accommodate babies ?

Booking a holiday rental is the ideal way to travel with kids and babies. Sleep times and meals are so much simpler than at a hotel.
We provide baby cots and high chairs free of charge to guests, however please request them in the booking process to ensure availability.



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