Holiday+ is a Mr. Concierge upgrade package aimed at designing your unique, perfect and unforgettable holidays in Mauritius. By booking this package, you will benefit from an exclusive and tailored holiday plan as well as the best advice from our local holiday expert. With Holiday+, all your holiday desires are just one phone call away.


Holiday rentals allow you to live like a local and discover a country outside the boundaries of a touristic resort. However, to get the best out of this experience, you need local knowledge.

Your time in Mauritius is limited and you cannot afford losing it browsing Google, books and forums to find out the best things for you to do here.

This is a long process requiring time and energy and you will always run the risk of having bad experiences although “reviews looked good for that place”!

Imagine being able to skip all this and focus only on enjoying every minute of your holidays.

This is what the Holiday+ package offers you. Choosing this service gives you access to your personal holiday artist, our Mr. Concierge, who will do everything for you to be able to experience Mauritius as if you lived there already. Mauritius becomes your resort!

10% off selected activities

By booking a package, you will benefit from an exclusive 10% discount on selected activities such as swimming with dolphins, boat trips, etc.. Just ask us for the complete list when enquiring!

Personalised Holiday Planning & Local Tour

At the beginning of your stay in Mauritius, our holiday artist, Mr. Concierge, will conduct a one- on-one session with you to discuss your needs and help design your dream holidays. Additionally, you will benefit from a personal tour to get you acquainted to the local area where you will be living.

Generous welcome pack tailored to you

Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome pack filled with typical Mauritian flavours and other essentials to make the beginning of your stay with us even sweeter!

Experience Mauritius like a local

With a Holiday+ package, you will discover the best attractions that Mauritius has to offer, all without the hassle of looking up where to spend your limited time on the island yourself!

Smartphone and round-the-clock assistance

Roaming charges? Not with Holiday+! Once you land in Mauritius, you will receive a local smartphone preloaded with essential contacts, Rs. 100 worth of local communication credit, a 1 GB internet connection package and dedicated 24-hour assistance from Mr. Concierge.

And much more…

The Holiday+ package is not only about discounts, a smartphone or a welcome pack! The whole idea behind the package is to experience the best that Mauritius has to offer with insider knowledge from our resourceful Mr. Concierge. What are you waiting for to really upgrade your holidays?

*The Holiday+ package is at €150 per group.
*Kindly contact Mr. Concierge for more information and for bookings.

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