Experience the great Mauritian summer without the crowd

Visiting Mauritius this end of year? But here is the catch, you don’t like the crowd and you think it can be a drag on your quest for authenticity. No problem, we are here to make your holiday experience special and an unforgettable one. The time frame before and after the festive period is just the right moment to enjoy the authenticity, colours of Mauritius and be in phase with nature and culture.

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Incredible weather to enjoy the activities

During this period, you will be delighted by the beautiful and warm weather! The water will be ideal for swimming, the sun at the rendez-vous to refine the tan. Horizon will guide you design the best holidays by organizing amazing activities. Catamaran trips to visit the four corners of the island. Swim with dolphins, scuba dive, do stand-up paddle or kayaking in turquoise water of about 26°C to 29°C. Adventure awaits you with Horizon.

Incredible weather to enjoy the activities
Appreciate privacy and exclusivity of accommodation

Appreciate privacy and exclusivity of our accommodation

Avoid crowds and enjoy the tranquility that Mauritius has to offer. The island is just a magical place, but during the peak season it can be a little mind-numbing. The pre and post end of year holiday seasons are ideal to explore a unique outtake on the authentic side of the island and to forge incredible memories with your dear ones. Enjoy peace of mind with the exclusivity of the accommodations and services and take the most of it to rejuvenate.

Now you have all the keys in hands to enjoy true Mauritius

Freedom, Privacy & Exclusivity
Your holidays with Horizon

From beachfront apartments to unique marina styled accommodations, Horizon Holidays offers a private holiday experience where you will find those special spots that seem truly out of this world.

Escape from the crowds and reconnect with your loved ones, enjoying every moment away within the privacy of your home away from home. With ideally situated accommodations, discover the best of Mauritius at your own pace within the comfort of your apartment.

With the waters of the Indian Ocean prevailing as a welcoming friend and with premium services such as housekeeping and on site resort managers, exclusivity takes on a whole new meaning and will make your holiday even more memorable!