Embrace a magical christmas in Mauritius

For this end of year enjoy the ultimate seasonal experience for your family get together that is both relaxing indulgent & stress-free. It is a great way to do something different for a memorable celebration.

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Escape from the routine

The pressure of expectation, traditions and family can make you either love or loathe the festive season. While a lot of people wouldn't dare forego the traditional Christmas with all the trimmings, some would rather be anywhere else but home – with the pressure to do what's expected rather than what you'd really like to do.

Why stay frosty when you can be sun tanning? We invite you to trade in your Christmas sweaters and fleece-lined slippers for swimsuits, sunglasses, and short-sleeved T's. Discover a whole new experience from the culture, the local cuisine and the relaxed island lifestyle.

Embrace a magical christmas in Mauritius
Embrace a magical christmas in Mauritius

A tropical respite

A white Christmas may be the picture-perfect setting, but making a snowman out of sand at sunset is the ultimate dream. It is the ideal time to experience the Mauritian warm and sunny weather in December. You will have the chance to experience a myriad of family activities such as catamaran cruise, swim with dolphins and hiking.

Convinced yet? This is where it all begins. Let us shape your end of year holiday into a memorable moment for you and your family.

Freedom, Privacy & Exclusivity
Your holidays with Horizon

From beachfront apartments to unique marina styled accommodations, Horizon Holidays offers a private holiday experience where you will find those special spots that seem truly out of this world.

Escape from the crowds and reconnect with your loved ones, enjoying every moment away within the privacy of your home away from home. With ideally situated accommodations, discover the best of Mauritius at your own pace within the comfort of your apartment.

With the waters of the Indian Ocean prevailing as a welcoming friend and with premium services such as housekeeping and on site resort managers, exclusivity takes on a whole new meaning and will make your holiday even more memorable!