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Your family escape to Mauritius for holidays

Published : 04 Sep
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What if a stay in Mauritius is not just for honeymooners? Enjoy a beautiful holiday rental with the children and take advantage of the sublime wildlife, friendly people, hiking, but also, and of course, the sublime beaches of the Indian Ocean.

A trip to Mauritius, planned beforehand, is not as complicated as you think, you just have to define your budget, the kind of place you would want to stay, the activities that tempt you and you're good to go! 

Our local experts, who know the island well, are available seven days a week to help you prepare your stay before, during and after. The beaches not to be missed, the local food, the history of Mauritius, the locals, the scuba diving sessions, the hikes and the Creole words - everything is possible!


The travel, accommodation, the unknown of a new country, all this can be stressful, especially with children. But we guarantee you, our beautiful Mauritius is everything but complicated.

The island is not very large, 61 km long and 46 km wide, you can cross it in less than two hours (off-peak time), which makes your playground as large as it is varied. 

Map of Mauritius - Horizon Holidays

Our holiday rentals are ideally located in the four corners of the island and are perfect for all types of travellers. We will give you a brief recap of the coasts and their atmosphere: 

  • The North: This is the most touristic region. If you like to go out, it's in this region that you will find your home away from home! In Grand Baie, there are many restaurants, places to go out in the evenings, supermarkets; a dynamic life awaits you. 

Where to stay: O'BichesElement Bay IILa ResidenceCape Bay

  • The West: Quite touristic in recent years, there are quite a few restaurants, shops, supermarkets, activities that will make you lose your mind with excitement and everything to spend a pleasant holiday. It is only on this coast that you will find one of the most amazing experiences; diving with the dolphins. 

Where to stay: West Coast MarinaEsplanadeLeora BeachBelle CriqueCap Ouest

  • South: More wild, the south of the island is less touristic and more calm. If you are looking for a truly relaxing holiday, this is the place for you. One of the most beautiful dive sites is located here: Blue Bay, and the largest lagoon in Mauritius: Pointe d'Esny. 

Where to stay: Paradise Beach

  • East: This beautiful coast, still well preserved, approaches the south for its wild and relaxing side. You can enjoy a clear lagoon and the typical Mauritian side with its authentic and precious villages.

Where to stay: Azuri Residences by Life in Blue

As mentioned, whether you are staying in the south or the north, there is nothing to stop you from wandering around the whole island with your family. For car rental, nothing could be easier, just send us a message and we will organize everything to simplify the task.


As you might expect, Mauritius is surrounded by a beautiful ocean of azure and being ideally located in the tropical region, temperatures range from 22°C in September to 28°C in November. Summer begins at the end of October and ends in April. No clouds above your head, a beautiful sun, a gentle breeze on your skin, that's what lies ahead of you during this time of the year! 

With a weather close to perfection, the Mauritian summer also offers a variety of tropical fruits and food, colorful fish, a warm and clear sea, beautiful beaches of fine sand. 

Here are some pictures of this dream summer:

Summer in Mauritius - Horizon Holidays

Summer in Mauritius


Mauritius is your playground and we will make your stay fun, adventurous and memorable. This holiday, dive into the depths of the Indian Ocean for an exhilarating experience. You and your family will be taken on an exciting adventure to discover the island, the different cultures, tasting the local cuisine and while you are here, why not learn a few words of Creole!

Our family outings, to be done absolutely:

  • Casela World of Adventure: Located in the west of Mauritius, this magnificent 14-hectare park is the ideal place for children. In addition to being a zoo, you will have the chance to enjoy fun activities such as zip lines, slides, quad biking, canyoning, children's farm... and the list goes on!

  • Snorkeling: a snorkel, mask, fins and a few precautions are enough to practice this sporting and educational activity with your family. Make the most of our safe and lively lagoons; a multitude of colourful fish will be on display.

  • Local food tour: A visit of the island would be incomplete without having tested its cuisine! Immerse yourself in the heart of Mauritian culture and taste the best of the local street food. 

  • Catamaran Cruise: Embark on a catamaran for an unforgettable cruise on the blue waters of Mauritius. The west and north of the island offer beautiful sunsets mixing orange, yellow, red and purple; colours that will remain engraved forever in your head.

  • Hiking to the 7 waterfalls: The 7 waterfalls also called Tamarin Falls are in the heart of the island buried in the Mauritian vegetation. You will discover them all during this hike, from 10 to 55 m high.

  • Local tour of the island: To make your trip even more memorable, a guided tour will introduce you to the best of Mauritius. Discover the island's cultural diversity, as well as its breathtaking landscapes, while guides will tell you about the interesting aspects of the country's history.


Family in Mauritius

With the Indian Ocean welcoming you as a friend and high-end services such as housekeeping and on-site management, exclusivity takes on a whole new meaning and makes your holiday even more memorable.

A beach holiday would not be complete, for young and old alike, without a little spice! Be assured that we have all the ingredients to spice up your family stay and that we will do our best to reserve pleasant surprises for you. We like the idea of  "return to the roots" where you will have the opportunity to find yourself, reconnect with your environment and experience the present moment.

How do we do it? It's simple, we are local experts, we strive to understand the personality of each of you and anticipate your desires during your stay. Every day is a new adventure and you can count on us! The core of our know-how is based on our ability to exceed your expectations, for a stress free stay guaranteed.

 We invite you to come and experience the summer you will always remember! 

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