Ideal Romantic Getaway in Mauritius

29 Mar Why holiday rentals in Mauritius are ideal for a romantic getaway

Home to some of the most beautiful beaches and turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is an ideal romantic destination for couples. Our paradise island is found on the bucket list of many, especially newly-weds and honeymooners. But, since it is a popular destination, how can you and your partner escape the crowded beaches and hotels, while still enjoying high-end holidays and authentic island living?

The solution: staying at our serviced holiday rentals, where privacy and exclusivity are non-negotiable. Coupled with our concierge services, our holiday rentals in Mauritius can meet all of your holiday needs as a couple. Whether you and your partner enjoy thrilling nautical activities or prefer to spend your days lazing on the beach, the opportunities are endless.

With that said, here are the key reasons why couples choose to stay at our holiday rentals in Mauritius for a romantic getaway.


A beachfront holiday

No holidays in Mauritius would be complete without a breathtaking beachfront or waterfront view from your window or balcony. Most of our holiday rentals are no exception, giving way to a beautiful secluded beach as you step out the door. You and your partner can skip the crowd and enjoy peaceful quality time together.

Stay in front of one of the most beautiful beaches on our paradise island at our beachfront apartments at Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach

One of our most beautiful beaches found at Paradise Beach.

An intimate experience

Choose holiday rentals if you seek privacy. Secluded and selective, they offer comfortable living spaces which make for a successful romantic getaway. You can relax in the calm tropical environment, undisturbed except for the sound of the waves and your own footsteps.

Our high-end modern apartments at Leora Beach are ideal for couples who crave intimacy and peacefulness for their holidays.

Leora Beach

Our apartments at Leora Beach are ideal for couples who crave intimacy for their holidays.

A luxurious retreat

A gorgeous view of the turquoise sea from your balcony and a stylish interior living space are what adds to a luxurious and exclusive experience at our holiday rentals in Mauritius. From penthouses with private plunge pools to large terraces giving way to pearly white beaches, your holidays with your partner will be of the highest standard.

Experience our exclusive lifestyle with your significant other at our beautiful penthouses and beachfront apartments at Esplanade.


Experience our exclusive lifestyle at our beautiful penthouses at Esplanade.

Services right at your fingertips

The exclusive aspect of our high-end holiday rentals is combining the best accommodation with concierge services. In addition to our regular housekeeping services, our team at Mr Concierge offers in-house services such as spa sessions and even a personal chef! Upon your request, let us bring the services to you. All you and your partner need to do is relax and enjoy your holidays in Mauritius.

Tailor your holidays to your needs by upgrading to our Holiday+ package for a more personalised holiday experience.

Mr Concierge - In-house Services

Mr. Concierge offers in-house services such as spa sessions.

Exclusive activities for two

If you and your partner are made for adventure, you can experience water-based, land-based, and air-based activities around the island. From driving a quad through nature reserves to skydiving, you will be spoiled for choice. You can walk under the sea hand in hand or spend a romantic day on Ile des Deux Cocos, a luxurious and private island.

There are endless ways to celebrate your love in Mauritius. With Mr. Concierge, you can book any activity of your choice and make your holidays truly unique.

Mr. Concierge - Activities for Couples

Go on a quad ride with your partner at Frederica Nature Reserve.

An exotic wedding and honeymoon

Dream big. Plan and hold your wedding on our paradise island. This concept is nothing new for our concierge team, who act as your personal guide to making your dream holidays as a reality. There are so many ways to celebrate your love, and the options which are available to you are endless, like planning your wedding under the sea!

Otherwise, many couples look forward to spending their honeymoon in Mauritius. Our holiday rentals and concierge services make up for the ideal romantic recipe: privacy, luxury, and relaxation. Remember that anytime is great to go on a honeymoon vacation, whether you are newly wedded or if you have been married for more than ten years.

Mr Concierge - Wedding Ceremony

A wedding under the sea organised by Aqua venture!

Special Couple Deals

If you are planning your holidays in Mauritius as a couple, you can enjoy our special couple deal. In fact, when you stay at our serviced holiday rentals, you and your partner are entitled to a 3040% discount, which is applicable for bookings made within 30 days prior to your arrival (terms and conditions apply).

Dying to spend an exclusive romantic getaway in Mauritius with your partner? This is your opportunity to make your dream holidays come true. Do not hesitate to enquire below:

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