Spend the end-of-year celebrations in Mauritius

Mauritian Summer Holidays
Mauritian Summer Holidays

Mauritian summer at its best

Summer in Mauritius begins in November and ends in April and is considered as the best time to come and visit. The turquoise sea that embraces the white sands and the lush greenery that extends across the island, create a panorama that speaks to the soul.

The weather conditions during this period are rather hot, with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, so don’t forget your sunscreen! Choose lightweight clothes made of natural, breathable fabrics such as silk, linen or cotton.

Culinary Diversity

Festivities rhyme with evenings on the dance floor but they are also all about good food, especially here, on our multicultural island. Celebrations in Mauritius are about embracing local recipes, and most of these date as back as the French period (1720-1810). Over the years these have been reinvented with Mauritian spices and local products. Here are three very popular dishes that will whet your appetite:

‘The aspic’

A meat-based jelly, ‘The Aspic’ is strongly associated with Christmas celebrations in Mauritius. Traditionally, Mauritian ‘Aspic’ contains prawns and asparagus, but depending on the taste, it can be prepared differently.

Palm kernel heart salad

One can undoubtedly consider the palm kernel as the national dish of Mauritius. Palm kernel heart is one of the most elegant foods consumed in the Indian Ocean. We appreciate its freshness, its subtle taste, its crunchiness and above all its variability.

Marlin Mousse 

Marlin is used in several typical festive dishes, but can also be served smoked in small slices. Marlin mousse can be enjoyed on a small toast or a piece of crouton while having a drink before dinner.

Seasonal fruits not to be missed

Spending the end-of-year celebrations in Mauritius means having the opportunity to taste fruits that only grow during the summer. As the flamboyant flowers bloom, the famous lychees, so loved by Mauritians, are also adorned with a sumptuous red! The discreet flowers turn into fruits that grow and blossom over the weeks. From October to December, we observe the mouth-watering lychees trees with greed! 

There are also delicious mangos that will give lychees a run for their money! A much consumed recipe here is lychee and mango salad. Here is the recipe:

1- Cut the mangoes on either side of the stone, then dice the flesh. Peel the lychees, remove the seed and cut in half. 

2- In a bowl, mix lime juice, sugar cane syrup and rum. Add the fruit. Mix gently and you’re done.

Organize your own party

If you don’t like restaurants, clubs or outings, you can always stay in and enjoy. Our accommodations will make you feel at home, with a Mauritian atmosphere guaranteed. Not in the mood to cook? No problem, an in-house chef can be invited. He will cook your meal and you can step back, relax and enjoy the holidays to the full. You can also ask a caterer to deliver the dinner to you at your apartment. Choose your menu according to your taste and that’s it! The most important thing is that you have an unforgettable holiday with your family.

Fireworks will seduce you 

New Year’s Eve in Mauritius is never without fireworks! Mauritians are far from leaving their little customs that make this festive period such a special moment. If there is one thing that Mauritians miss for nothing, it is the firecrackers!  

On sale everywhere, fireworks are signatures of the New Year, representing joy and festivities. On New Year’s Eve, everyone gathers on the island’s beaches to admire the sky that will light up at midnight. An experience that will remain etched in your memory forever!

Festive atmosphere with idyllic activities

To make the most of the Mauritian holiday season, you have to go on an adventure! Below is a list of three activities not to be missed during these hot summer days: 

Swimming with dolphins

Discover dolphins in their natural environment as they are present all year round along the west coast of Mauritius. You can also opt for a full day of activities where after swimming with the dolphins you will go for a scuba dive and finish with a lunch on Ile aux Bénitiers. 

Catamaran Cruise

Embark on a catamaran for an unforgettable cruise experience in the magical lagoons of Mauritius. A variety of packages will be offered, from a day on picturesque Île aux Cerfs to a visit to the northern islands, a cruise along the west coast, or simply to enjoy the sunset over the ocean.

Electric bike ride

Discover Mauritius off the beaten track with an Electro-Bike. Breathe fresh air while exploring unique routes during a bike ride. Thanks to an electric motor, you will be able to pedal longer distances with less effort and thus fully enjoy the panoramic landscapes in the luxuriant nature that surrounds you.

Are you considering a warm sunny holiday in Mauritius? Get in touch with us today and let us plan your stay:

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