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27 Jun Top 10 family activities to try during your holidays in Mauritius

Nothing beats the fun of spending holidays with your family, right? Even more when they are spent in Mauritius.

We understand it is an exciting process, but also a real challenge to schedule activities which match the itinerary of your trip while trying to meet everyone’s preferences and needs. Thus, since we believe holidays should be a stress reliever and a fun getaway, we have come up with several activities around the island tailored for families, with the help of our concierge service team, Mr. Concierge.

Whether you are looking for water-based, land-based or air-based activities, if you feel adventurous or are just wishing to spend a relaxing and peaceful holiday, let’s start planning!

1. Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and Kayak Safari

This activity is perfect for families who are looking for a relaxing half-day getaway in the midst of nature. Meet up with your tour guide and instructor, choose your SUP or kayak and row along the calm Tamarin River at your own pace. The river will lead you and your family into the wild, peaceful and authentic side of the west coast of Mauritius.

You can either schedule your safari in the morning or in the evening at sunset. Both options are unique and beautiful experiences in their own way. Refreshments may be provided at the beach at the end of the excursion.

stand up paddle

Choose your SUP or kayak and row along the calm Tamarin River at your own pace.


2. Ocean Safari

If you and your family members prefer to explore new worlds under the water, an ocean safari will be a suitable all-day activity for you.

The whole day will be dedicated to exploring our island’s marine life: snorkel around our colourful corals and fish, swim with the dolphins and meet magnificent whales along your way. The journey will, of course, end at the beach, so you can make the most of our crystal clear lagoons.  

ocean safari

Explore new worlds underwater…


3. Nature Park Adventure

Mauritius has several nature reserves and parks which offer unique tropical safaris; ideal for families who prefer land-based, day-long activities. Two examples are Frederica Nature Reserve and Ebony Forest Reserve.

You and your family can either walk or drive a quad or buggy through the preserved wilderness of Mauritius. Meet new animal friends and uncover breathtaking sights as you explore the nature reserve. Feel free to go on an adventure at your own pace.

nature reserves and parks

Uncover breathtaking sights as you explore the nature reserve.


4. Hiking

From river trekking to mountain hiking: our tropical island has all the right natural features to stir the adventurous souls out there. You and your family do not need to be confined to a park or nature reserve to explore our wildest and most natural environment.

For instance, you can hike the famous Le Morne mountain! You will be rewarded with a gorgeous view of the coast and the satisfaction of having reached the top.

hiking in Mauritius

Hike the famous Le Morne mountain!


5. Drive and Racing

If your family is up for excitement and thrill, you can go for a Fun Drive and Racing session.

In this activity, you drive a quad or buggy through beautiful tracks found on the north coast of Mauritius. Racing along natural hidden trails is a wild immersive experience into the wildlife of our island. So, ready to feel the adrenaline rush?

fun drive and racing

Race along natural hidden trails.


6. Helicopter Tour

Bring your family on a tour of Mauritius in the sky! This activity will take your breath away and will showcase our paradise island in a new and panoramic perspective: get ready to take your aerial shots!

This unique and exclusive experience will definitely be the highlight of your holidays.

helicopter tour

Get ready to take your aerial shots!


7. Local and Food Tours

Why not venture out and discover our unique culture and taste our authentic food? Tours are organised around the country, guiding you through our heritage trails and iconic landmarks.

Immerse yourselves in our rich history and culture, while savouring Mauritian delicacies in our capital.

food tours

Discover our unique culture and taste our authentic food.


8. Catamaran Cruise

Mauritius has a lot to offer on the outskirts of its lagoons and beaches: plenty of islands to discover and breathtaking sights to take in!

A catamaran cruise is ideal for families looking to spend quality time together while exploring new horizons at sea. It is a great opportunity to wind down: swim or snorkel by the beautiful neighbouring islands or lie down on their white pearly beaches. Drinks are served throughout the trip and lunch is provided.

Curious about the itinerary of a catamaran cruise? Click here to read our article which provides all the details you need.

catamaran cruise

Exploring new horizons at sea.


9. Under Sea Walk

How would you like to go for a walk in the park… under the sea? This is exactly what an Under Sea Walk session entails: a beautiful adventure in the company of the colourful and vibrant fauna and flora of the marine life in Mauritius. Adults and children alike can explore the coral garden, found in an area of the lagoon which is not too deep.

High-quality breathing air bottles will be provided and there will be a trained professional to guide you and make sure you come out of the water with an unforgettable experience.

under sea walk

A walk in the park… under the sea!


10. Water thrills

Finally, we have a wide variety of water-based activities which will make your heart race and fill you with adrenaline.

The thrills you can experience are endless: race with your family on sea karts, a unique type of speedboat, along the coast of Mauritius, fly and dive (literally) in the middle of the sea with the help of a special jet, or surf on our renowned Tamarin and Pointe d’Esny waves!

water thrills

Fly and dive in the middle of the sea!


We hope this list will help your family in the planning of fun and stress-free holidays in Mauritius!

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