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17 Apr Catamaran cruise in Mauritius: a beautiful journey at sea

This catamaran cruise itinerary is the perfect guide for those who are planning to spend their holidays in Mauritius and are looking for a relaxing day-long activity which can be enjoyed with family, friends or a partner.

Summer is currently at its finest in Mauritius as we come closer to the mid-year mark: past the rainy season, with bright blue skies over our head and warmth from the sun. The weather is just ideal for a catamaran cruise.

Thus, with the assistance of Mr. Concierge, we went for it. Read on for a glimpse of our day trip at sea or if you would like to make a booking right away, please reach out to our concierge team here!

9.00 a.m.

Our adventure began at the Sunset Boulevard at Grand Baie, on the north coast of Mauritius. The catamaran we had booked, named La Pacha II after the bird, was anchored by the quay linked to the nearby beach. The cruise was organised by Croisières Australes, our partner at Mr. Concierge.

catamaran boat

The catamaran we had booked, named La Pacha II after the bird, was anchored by the quay linked to the nearby beach.

It was not long before we embarked on the catamaran, which could fit 33 persons! We were a big group of people: couples and families, Asians and Europeans; this activity is meant for everyone. Once all the passengers were on board, the boat set off into the vast turquoise ocean. Meanwhile, the captain briefed us about the itinerary of the cruise and safety measures.

“At the front, we have trampoline nets on which you can lie down. You guys better be careful and not jump on them or they could tear… and the sharks will be waiting for you!”

Laughter ensued. The crew turned on the music, bringing on the holiday vibes. Soon, drinks were served at the bar. We could ask for literally anything: water, coke, beer, wine… and even specially concocted cocktails.

If you are a smoker, there is a ‘smoking area’ at the back, where you can relax next to the captain and the crew.

Thus we sailed forward in the direction of Ilot Gabriel, our intended destination.

ilot gabriel

The beautiful island, Ilot Gabriel, as seen from the catamaran.

10:15 a.m.

About an hour in and we could spot the various islands surrounding Mauritius, namely, Ile Ronde, Ile aux Serpents, and Ile Plate. But the most impressive of them all was the one we call Coin de Mire. Behold its beauty, as you sail by its side…

The view was just gorgeous. For a more immersive experience, you could sit at the tip of the catamaran, where there was a type of chair… and pretend you were in Titanic.

coin de mire island

Behold the beauty of Coin de Mire, as you sail by its side…

11:00 a.m.

We arrived at Ilot Gabriel. The ride itself took an hour and a half. The island and its surroundings were ideal for snorkelling, swimming and lying down on the sun-kissed beach. We also had the option to go for a short hike as there was a trail a little further away from the beach.

We had two hours of free time before lunch. Snorkelling gear was available, though not for all passengers. A smaller inflatable boat took us, group by group, to the island.

speed boat to ilot gabriel

Ilot Gabriel… here we come!

There were a few beach umbrellas and sun loungers you could rent once at the beach. The sand beneath our feet was soft and warm and the beach was panoramic: plenty of room for all of us, as well as passengers from other catamaran cruises.

The water was quite shallow; we had to swim way further from the island to snorkel and spot the surrounding corals.

1:00 p.m.

The small boat came back to fetch us. Lunch would be served on board, as a buffet.

The food was delicious and the dishes varied. From BBQ chicken to macaroni and salads, there was more than enough for everyone. We were also served freshly sliced pineapples as a dessert, as well as tea and coffee.

lunch on catamaran

From BBQ chicken to macaroni and salads, there was more than enough for everyone.

After lunch, we could either stay on board or go snorkelling one last time around the catamaran. For those who had decided to rest, the trampoline nets were their sanctuary. The sea waves and summer breeze would cause the boat to move slightly, almost rocking us to sleep.

2:30 p.m.

Our catamaran cruise was coming to its end. It was time to sail back to Grand Baie. After all the passengers were safely on board, we set off again to the open sea.

By then, most of us were either relaxing on deck or lounging on the trampoline nets. The wind was not too strong and the sun was not too harsh. The weather had been kind throughout the whole cruise. We were tired but satisfied.

Finally, we sailed by the majestic Coin de Mire one last time.

3:55 p.m.

The way back was smooth and uneventful: a perfect, peaceful afternoon at sea, a well-deserved break from the everyday hustle and bustle.

We reached Grand Baie just before 4 p.m. The captain and his crew had been friendly and cooperative throughout the whole trip; we were very grateful to have them on board!

catamaran crew

Thank you to the Croisières Australes crew for having us on board!

In the end, we could say that our journey was smooth sailing 😉

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