19 Dec Behind the scenes of Horizon Holidays

What do you know about Horizon Holidays? Here is the generic answer: Horizon Holidays is a company which specialises in serviced holiday rentals in Mauritius.

But it is so much more than that.

If one really wants to know about Horizon, one needs to see the behind the scenes. I joined Horizon in December, just in time for the peak season. At first glance, the office is vibrant and bright, not only because of the summer weather but also because of its people.

It is the people working there who make it what it is today. It is all about the ambiance of the crowd and the feelings it makes you feel. I got to know more and more about Horizon by being aware of this. Here is what I discovered; here is what I felt.



I started my Horizon journey two days before I was supposed to start.

They invited me to their annual budget presentation and that was where I met everyone. I was left to mingle on my own… but it was not hard at all to make friends! The bond among Horizon members is strong yet not impenetrable. They included me as if I have always been a part of them.

What I thought would be an awkward event ended up being a fun and insightful one.



“‘Morning, how are you?”

In the morning, I am greeted with smiles. My first days were all about getting to know everyone at the office and those working on the resorts. People actively engage in conversations, making it easy to open up. ‘Loneliness’ is not a concept that exists here. There is always a friend right at the corner.

People are here to help you out. Speak up and ask as many questions as you want.



At the office, you can have as much coffee as you want. But it is not only the coffee that makes Horizon an energetic group of people.

Their enthusiasm at work is often in full force, vibrant and positive. As soon as someone makes a booking, the reservation crew jump to their seats. Or when we ask, “Who wants to be in the picture?” for our social media photoshoots. The excitement is there.

People are always on the move.



Dedication comes with passion. How much do you love your job? How determined are you to improve yourself? These questions matter here.

They told me people love their job here, and I was not deceived. I have had the chance to talk to almost everyone at Horizon and I have heard the same thing many times: “I like it here.” From new recruits to resort managers, they intend to stay.

Just like Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Horizon Holidays - National Day 2017

Horizon is a balance of multitudes. It is hard work and care; it is friendly and passionate.


Things are going fast. There are deadlines to meet and meetings to plan. People are typing away on their keyboard.

But they do it because they want to. They work hard and smart, constantly looking for new ways to improve. The trend is obvious: they are going up and further ahead.

When I visited Cap Ouest, one of the properties, I was impressed. The resort manager was on point in his presentation. At the core, it’s all about putting forward the strengths and working on the weaknesses.



“Pay attention to others around you.” This is an essential value at Horizon.

Be aware that we are all human: we have needs, moods, and moments. It is important to work hard, but also to take care of ourselves. Feeling good in our mind makes us more productive and creative. Even when work gets stressful, it feels easier when you are surrounded by people who care.

Not to forget: here, they give constructive feedback. They speak up when something is wrong. When you care, you want others to become better, don’t you?



Horizon can be your second home if you let it.

Imagine. Going to the kitchen for a break. Smelling the hot coffee coming through your cup. Feeling the warmth of the sunlight on your back. Hearing the crunch of grilled bread. Having a nice chat with your colleague.

Often, it feels like you are catching up with a friend. Isn’t this a nice feeling?


We are Horizon.

Horizon is a balance of multitudes. It is hard work and care; it is friendly and passionate.

In all, it is a community, one that is growing fast and headed in the right direction. It is the team spirit we instill. It is everyone at the office and out in the resorts and properties. It is part of you and part of me.




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